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5 Questions to ask when selecting a hosting company:

1. In which country does your Web Hosting Company host their client's websites?

Make sure that your Web Hosting Company has both International and Local Web Servers - thus if your target market is either Local or International you can be assured of your website being super fast for your visitors.

2. Does your Web Hosting Company have a landline number you can contact them on?

Make sure that they have a land line number as cellphone numbers usually mean that the company does not have an office. In this way you are assured that you can speak to someone in person should you ever have to! Can you phone your Web Hosting Company and ask them questions now?

3. Are the Web Hosting Company's servers monitored 24 hours for downtime?

Make sure that if the server on which your website resides is continually monitored in case your website crashes - you want as little downtime as possible.

4. How long has your Web Hosting Company been running for?

There is nothing as frustrating as setting up your website only to have the Web Hosting Company disappearing and forcing you to start from scratch again. Make sure the Web Hosting Company is financially stable and in the hosting game for the long term.

5. How fast is your website going to be?

Make sure that your Web Hosting Company 'backbone' connection to the internet is superfast - Ask them exactly where your website is going to be hosted. Ask them to set-up a test website on their servers so you can see the speed your site is going to be.